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Domestic Energy Assessment

A domestic Energy Performance Certificate gives the energy efficiency rating of a domestic property.

When do you need an EPC?

If you are selling or letting a property, you must get an EPC.  Having your state or agent manage this on your behalf would be helpful.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it became a legal requirement in 2008. Most states require landlords and sellers to have an EPC, and if they do not have one, they can be fined heavily.

Your home's energy efficiency must be assessed by an accredited domestic energy provider who can prepare an EPC for you. Our agents stay with you throughout all energy-related activities for your home at the EPC Unit. They will oversee all documentation for the EPC.

Is it possible to fail an EPC?

Depending on its assessment, your property will receive a grade ranging from A to G. An EPC does not result in a pass or a failure. If you find a new tenant for your home and any tenant, the EPC rating must reflect a minimum of an E.


Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: What are they?

In all parts of the UK, the Minimal Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) was introduced on April 1, 2008, which increased the energy efficiency of privately rented properties.

Rental properties will be held to higher energy efficiency standards under this scheme to highlight the low standards that exist throughout the industry.

After completing these improvements, the landlord will qualify for an "E" rating.

Can I save money with an EPC certificate?

The new EPC will  provide options for improving your heating, lighting and water system, along with the costs. To give you a cost comparison, it tells you how much you can save after upgrading. With the upgrades, you will receive an EPC rating that reflects the real savings you will be able to make on your property.


The implementation of energy-efficient lighting and other measures can improve the property's energy efficiency. It would help to remain vigilant whenever you feel you are paying too much for your electricity and gas.

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